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Wheel Alignment

Your safety is our concern and that’s why Fast Fit offers you a high-performance geometry service, for all types of vehicles. This allows you to optimize the life of your tyres and the mechanical components of your car. Your driving pleasure and comfort will increase as well.

Why is wheel alignment so important?

Correct wheel alignment makes sure your car drives and handles safely without unduly stressing the tyres or other suspension components.

Other advantages:

  • less wear of the tyres,
  • less fuel consumptionm,
  • more safety, particularly in cornering.

How often should I have my wheel alignment checked?

  • when you have new tyres fitted,
  • when some parts in the front or rear suspension have been replaced,
  • when your car has hit something or you notice irregular tyre wear,
  • in normal conditions, once a year.

Our Fast Fit experts can easily evaluate the need for an alignment.

How would I know that something is wrong?

Whenever you get the feeling the car doesn’t respond swiftly to steering inputs or when you notice the inside or outside of your tyres wears more quickly. The signs may not be obvious but can still have a negative effect. That’s why it’s important to visit Fast Fit once a year.

Why go to Fast Fit?

Correct wheel alignment can significantly increase a tyre's life and provides a better feel, better handling and a smoother ride.

Wheel alignment should be done by a trained technician using professional equipment familiar with all different makes and types of vehicle. At Fast Fit, we provide specific, regular training and only work with 3D technology. State-of-the-art computerised four-wheel alignment means that all four wheels are aligned simultaneously with the geometric centre line of your vehicle. This provides complete vehicle control on any road, driving style or load conditions.

Pop in and take advantage of our superior 3D wheel alignment equipment.