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Electronic Diagnostics

Electronics play an essential role in modern cars. They contribute to three major factors:

  • Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Electronic Stability (ESP) and Anti-Slip (ASR) systems.
  • Comfort: air-conditioning, park distance control, GPS.
  • Respect for the environment.

What is electronic diagnostics?


Your car is equipped with a diagnostics socket so the diagnostics instruments can communicate with the electronics in your car. The First Stop technicians receive regular training in all the latest technologies. They know all makes, and are familiar with all the latest models on the market.


The First Stop points-of-sale are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools. These devices can communicate with the different systems inside your car. This process will allow our technicians to detect electronic failures in memory (default codes) and fix them. We can also do a health check-up of the electronics in your car.


Our teams give you a complete overview after the intervention, including the provided services. We pride ourselves on full transparency.

The First Stop commitments

Your manufacturer’s warranty stays valid.

European regulation 1400/2002 clearly stipulates you can freely choose who services your car, as from the day of purchase, without losing your manufacturer’s warranty.

First Stop has referenced renowned suppliers, known for their professionalism and their respect of the strictest standards in terms of the quality of the spare parts, the lubricants, and in terms of safety and respect for the environment.

First Stop commits itself to only use original spare parts or parts of a comparable quality and to respect the recommendations of the manufacturer and the specifications mentioned in the service manual of your car.

Why choose First Stop?

  • We have expertise in many brands.
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty is guaranteed.
  • We offer competitive prices.
  • Our teams have received full training.

What the car diagnostics consists of?

  • The electronic health check-up of your car.
  • Diagnostics of the electric parking brake system.
  • ABS/ESP setting of the steering angle sensor.
  • The connection between the ESP and the airbag system.
  • Diagnostics electronic air-conditioning.
  • Resetting the service interval.
  • Motor oil sensor.
  • Resetting the electronic valve.
  • ABS/ESP setting in function of the tyre size (change dimensions and/or winter tyres).
  • Diagnostics of the shock absorber.
  • Diagnostics of the parking aid system.
  • Diagnostics of the ABS /ESP braking system and replacement of the braking oil.
  • Diagnostics of the exhaust system.

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